There’s no question that Loal is a master horseman, but proof, they say, is in the pudding. After my gelding was injured this past fall, Loal graciously allowed me to ride two of his young horses. He bred, raised and trained these horses, and I had the extreme pleasure of riding them for days through arroyos and over mountains.

I’ve ridden a lot of horses in my life, but none compared with Beau and Whiskey, and they were only four and five years old. They gave me the kind of ride that puts a smile on your face and makes you remember why you ride in the first place. A horse will tell you everything you need to know about the person who made them. Beau and Whiskey told me plenty about Loal.
— Steve Young, MD, Evergreen, Colorado
Loal has a gift... and it shines when you see him working. I had many riding lessons as well as ground work lessons with Loal. Loal has a great way of explaining lessons and he works in steps. He is a wonderful teacher with both his students and their horses. Loal has the ability to see the smallest areas of concern and relay how to correct them in an appropriate manner. I feel that this quality is rarely found in one individual. Loal is kind, and gentle and he knows how to make a big positive impact!

Also my horses stayed on his property, for months in training and received wonderful care, clean stalls and beautiful quality hay.
On many accounts I was nervous to ride and Loal was very good at making me feel confidant on my young horse and around cattle!!! I felt like he was part of “my team” and wanted my horses and I to succeed. Loal is a true professional and gift to the horse world.
— Emily J. Alexis, Owner, Upper Crust Pizza, Eldorado, NM
The thing that makes Loal a standout among other horse trainers is his ability to adjust his training technique according to the need of the rider. I have witnessed him instructing timid riders and adventurous riders. He knows immediately what the rider needs to be successful with his/her horse.

Also, Loal is a very skilled outdoorsman, hunter and packer. He knows how to improve a horse’s ability to move quietly and confidently down the trail. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to have a more enjoyable experience with their horse.
— Cecilia Kayano, Editor & Publisher, Horse Around New Mexico Magazine
It is because of Loal Tucker that I am able to live my dream. I was close to joining the ranks of the many ex-horse enthusiasts who take lessons, buy a horse, get hurt, lose confidence and eventually quit. Instead, I now own a very cool horse that is perfect for me and I am having the time of my life – trail riding adventures, fun horse shows, clinics and hanging out with really supportive horse people.

I started riding later in life having no knowledge of horses– only my passion for these magnificent animals and an uncontrollable urge to ride. I made plenty of mistakes when I started, but the biggest mistake was picking the wrong horse. He was a fine gelding, but required a more experienced rider. I was not about to let that get in my way! It took a few broken bones before I would consider looking for another horse. I finally came to realize that although I started riding to have fun I wasn’t having much fun. It became more like another high stress job. I was ready to give up. This was almost two years ago. Fortunately I was introduced to Loal Tucker and his wonderful barn around that time.

Loal found the perfect horse for me and I entered his horsemanship program. I have worked with other trainers but none that has Loal’s gift for understanding the horse’s perspective and communicating that to the rider. My confidence (and my riding skills) have improved dramatically while building a more trusting respectful relationship with my horse. Best of all – I am having fun!!
— Cheryl Young, CEO, Securities Compliance Advisors Santa Fe/New York
I met Loal many years ago thru his involvement in New Mexico Mounted Search and Rescue, of which my husband is also a member. I was looking for a chance to get into reined cow horse work, and needed both instruction and access to cattle. I also had a brand-new horse, who was more horse than I was used to owning. I wanted to feel comfortable on him out on the trail. He is very quick, and I knew I needed guidance to have a fun and safe relationship with him.

Loal was the perfect find. He was knowledgeable, patient, and had a facility that allowed for both private instruction and clinic work, both of which I was looking for. I can’t say enough about what a help he was to me, both in learning to read cattle, and my learning to put my horse on cattle with confidence. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in getting started with cows, or just to ride better in general. He got my horse used to going out on the trails. My horse is a safe and reliable mount now. That’s priceless to me.
— Janet Cochran, Edgewood, NM, Managing Partner, Bain Cochran Construction, LLC
I am one of those people that has ridden horses all of my life, covered thousands of mile doing about everything you can do on a horse in the west but I never learned or understood foundational horsemanship.

After reading a lot on the subject of horsemanship I ask Loal if he could work with me and a young horse to improve my horsemanship and get the young horse going in the right direction. Loal has been great to work with! He has always started me with the basics and at my level and the horse’s level to built a solid foundation one step at a time. Loal is easy to work with, encouraging, take the time to listen to my questions and explains horsemanship in a very understandable way.

His horsemanship tool box is full of great horsemanship techniques that are backed up by years of experience. Working with Loal has empowered me in moving forward with my goal of improved horsemanship and has given me the confidence to do so. My horse has also become more confident, softer and gentler.

If your goal is to improve your horsemanship and improve your horse I could not recommend a better horseman to work with than Loal Tucker.
— Steve Carson, VP, Rangeland Hands, Inc.
I went to Loal Tucker Horsemanship lacking confidence and a little fearful of my horse. Through Loal’s skilled guidance, my horse and I made great gains. Loal gave us many lessons, never the same and always challenging. He was respectful, of my fear, but he knew when to push me through it. He was always supportive and kind. I am forever grateful for Loal and his expertise.

He helped me be able to safely enjoy my wonderful horse. I would highly recommend Loal to anyone wanting to improve their horsemanship skills from beginners to advanced. He has something very special to teach!
— Jennie Dunn, Santa Fe, NM
I have been riding since childhood, teaching and training Hunter/Jumpers for the last 30 years. When I turned 50, I wanted a change from a big hot thoroughbred to a trail horse. This meant changing to Western tack and learning a new type of riding. I met Loal Tucker in October 2012. I took a 2-day confidence clinic with him. I rode a lesson horse, rode western, had a great clinic and was hooked! Loal was a wonderful teacher. I’ve taken numerous clinics with other prominent trainers, but I learned so much more from Loal. He has a wonderful teaching style that builds confidence. He is a natural horseman.

In January 2013, I leased Ranger from Loal (a five-year old quarter horse, Arabian gelding, who Loal raised, broke & finished). We enrolled in a 3-month Horsemanship Academy. Loal continued to ride/train Ranger, during this time. In April 2013, I bought Ranger. I have started green horses in the past, but I learned new insights into this process from Loal and Ranger.

Ranger and I continue to ride with and learn from Loal. I’ve taken clinics with cattle and participated on great day-long group trail rides organized and led by Loal. All my previous riding experience had been in a controlled arena environment, and I had developed a fear of trail riding.

Loal helped me through this and now, Ranger & I are enjoying miles of trails. I recommend Loal Tucker for all of your riding and horse training needs.
— Suzanne Anderson, Registered Nurse
I’ve always enjoyed riding with Loal and attending his horsemanship clinics. Probably the most fun clinics for me are Loal’s cattle working clinics, but all his clinics have been enjoyable, low-stress, informative and productive. Loal has a great ability to see what specific issues the individual horse and rider need to work on for improvement, and the clinics seem to easily accommodate a wide range of riders’ ability. As my partner Jo has said, Loal has a particular talent for helping unconfident riders find the confidence to attempt, and then succeed with, things that at first might seem too intimidating. I certainly hope to attend more clinics with Loal in near the future.

A friend of mine, who was interested in getting back into horse activities after many years, had tried a few different instructors with varying degrees of success. I suggested she give Loal a try, and sure enough, lessons with Loal seem to have worked out quite well for her.
— Robert (Bo) Olcott, Santa Fe, NM
My lessons with Loal have given me confidence and a trust in myself in working with horses. Lessons with Loal are never “one size fits all”, but are tailored to my specific needs. Loal listens thoughtfully to whatever question or challenges I have. He teaches me to understand the mind of the horse, and how I can be a better leader/partner with the horse.

When I needed help keeping my horse out of my space, Loal helped me understand why this was happening and taught me specific approaches that I was able to implement immediately with 100% success. Loal’s lessons include all aspects of horsemanship, from advice on caring for my horse, building a partnership with the horse on the ground, and continuing that connection with the horse while in the saddle. Loal’s feedback is honest and direct, while being encouraging and positive. I always leave Loal’s lessons feeling successful, having learned many aspects of wisdom and having had a lot of fun!
— Marcy Loy, Education, New Mexico
Loal is one of the few (if any) Western trainers in New Mexico that understands English riders. He understands that our style is different and can work with you to transition to Western. However, his understanding of the horse is universal.
— Susan Huber, Sandia Park, NM