LTH Riding Club - Annual: Join Anytime!

LTH Riding Club - Annual: Join Anytime!


Ride better with more confidence and less stress!  Enroll at any time during the year!  Membership cost is for a full 12 months and includes a total of 12 private lessons and four quarterly trail rides with the Riding Club.

We will provide lunch on our trail rides. We will confirm your start date of participation via e-mail after purchase and provide you with a personalized Riding Club booklet.

Currently, our rides are scheduled for the following dates and are subject to change:

  • 2020 dates to be announced

Save money through an annual subscription with a cost of $2,040, purchase now.

Monthly membership fee is $190.00 and can be purchased by calling 505-466-3961. Both memberships may incur additional fees to haul, stable, feed & care for your horse while on trail rides.

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